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Two-Stage Ultima Compressor 75-160 kW

Variable Speed Rotary Screw
Oil Free Air Compressor

Two-Stage Ultima Compressor 75-160 kW (100-200 HP)

This next gen oil free air compressor utilizes high efficiency low/high pressure dry screw airends. Each airend is individually driven by a motor that operates at 97% efficiency. The Ultima provides up to 70% turndown, delivers low off-load power consumption, while maintaining a 63-69 dBA noise performance. This oil free air compressor also provides superior heat recovery.

Oil-less variable speed screw technology (75-160 kW)

Ultimate oil-free efficiency – guaranteed

Ultima contributes to bottom line cost savings in many ways. Not only do they deliver outstanding efficiency and significantly lower lifecycle costs, the Ultima requires on average, 3.4 m³ less space (or up to 37% less floor space) than a conventional two-stage oil-free compressor. This allows easy installation in the smallest possible space – not only a benefit where space is limited – it also translates into property cost saving.

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