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Thomas – Pump & Compressor

Pump and Compressor Solutions for OEMs Worldwide

With more than 50 years of pump and compressor knowledge, Thomas offers a base of air moving know-how few companies in the world can match. With six operating technologies including:  WOB-L piston,  articulated piston,  rotary vane,  diaphragm,  peristaltic and  linear, Thomas has an extensive line of standard products that can be custom designed to meet your precise application needs in  air,  gas and  liquid.

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Automotive / Mobile

Thomas products serve niche automotive and mobile markets for specialized applications that require high performance and durability including: air seats, fuel cells, air suspension and tire inflation.
Our engineers work closely with major automobile manufacturers, as well as their direct suppliers on new technologies that hold much promise for tomorrow’s drivers.

Environmental Solutions

Products that monitor, analyze, store and recover materials that are harmful to our environment are becoming more sophisticated everyday. In addition, manufacturers worldwide are increasingly challenged with producing products in an environmentally sound manner.
Thomas can provide solutions for any challenge requiring pressure, vacuum or flow within the environmental arena.

Food & Beverage

The Thomas range of products offer proven technologies to meet the extensive applications within the food and beverage market such as nitrogen generation, soft drink and beer dispense, gas mixing systems and air for driving pneumatic devices and pumps.


Thomas provides innovative solutions for new and evolving markets, as today’s ever changing technology creates increasing demands for pressure, vacuum and flow.


In demanding laboratory environments, technicians must rely on their equipment for dependable and accurate performance for buy zantac online uk a variety of critical functions, including the preparation of biological and chemical samples for analysis.
Compact, cost-effective Welch vacuum pumps provide a reliable, low-maintenance vacuum source for laboratory applications requiring distillation, drying and concentration.


Long life and low noise are key factors to consider when selecting pumps for medical equipment.
With a reputation for reliability and quiet operation, Thomas products are found in all types of equipment designed to monitor, sterilize, diagnose and analyze. Other applications assist in healing, promote patient’s comfort and support life itself.