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  • For stable operation, liquid ring pumps must be permanently supplied with liquid, which escapes with the conveyed gas on the discharge side.That is why we have developed standardized circuit units as system solutions, which feed the operating liquid that escaped on the discharge side completely or partially back into the pump.

    Circuit units are available for the full range of Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps, with ATEX certification and in stainless steel or cast iron.

    Partial circuit
    To avoid the heating of operation liquid, only the required part of fresh water is delivered to the pump – against the compression capacity of the pump – that is needed for temperature constancy.

    Closed circuit
    The liquid circuit is cooled by a heat exchanger. Process gases/vapours stay in the circuit, so contaminated sewage and consumption of fresh water is avoided.

The vacuum pump units X-SC are a combination of an air-cooled liquid ring circuit unit with patented discharge-air cooling system of the L-Series (L-BL2) and a side channel blower of the G-Series. So the suction capacity in a pressure range of 30 to 120 resp. 200 mbar is multiplied. The aggregates have a robust design, high vapour compatibility as well as an oil-free compression without contact.

The side channel blower can work at a consistent speed or a frequency converter can be used to enhance the performance of the unit. The operating point can thus be optimized for the application (i.e. pressure constancy control).