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Electronic zero air loss drain


Robust aluminium housing with three inlet options, offering you installation flexibility.
Digital, LED illuminated, sight-port/level indicator digitally showing you the condensate level inside the reservoir and enabling you to monitor the SMART-GUARD’s operation, even in poor lit places.
Extremely easy to disassemble, offering dissasembly simplicity and time saving during routine maintenance.

  • Capacitive level sensing technology saves air, energy and money.
  • One model covering 3500 CFM compressor capacity and 230 PSI.
  • Easy to install and protected from air lock and blockage.
  • Easily monitor and test drain operation to verify proper performance.
  • Rapid pay-back period due to competitive pricing level and reduced stocking costs.
  • Verifiable condensate removal performance.
  • The SMART-GUARD can be connected to any alarm device.
  • Alarm function (N/O or N/C) standard incorporated.
  • Successful draining of all types of condensate due to large orifice.
  • Easy installation and visual display of operating status.
  • Direct acting valve assembly, ensuring reliable discharge operation.