Project Description


High Vacuum Rotary Lobe Blowers


High vacuum rotary lobe blowers, RBS/AV series, are used to increase the capacity of primary vacuum pumps, operating at their minimum suction pressure (as a booster), along with a primary vacuum system (VP). It fits pressure level lower than 50 mbar(a).

  • Vacuum up to 0.001 mbar(a)

  • Capacity up to 9,400 m³/h

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Robust and reliable

RBS/AV series is extremely resistant thanks to its robust construction. It is able to suck gases and vapours and there aren’t any sliding parts, therefore no wear. It works safely with minimum maintenance.

Complete package

Robuschi can supply primary vacuum systems consisting of liquid vacuum pumps with capacity up to 4,200 m³/h.

ATEX available

RBS/AV in ATEX version available on request.