Project Description

Modular Breathing Air Center (M-BAC)

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The new Modular Breathing Air System from MAKO delivers where lesser systems fail. Designed to incorporate the latest elements of MAKO’s impressive product range, the MBAC provides you with a flexible synergy of a Breathing Air Module and a Containment Fill Station.


Utilizing these technologically proven components, it is easier and safer to ship & install, easier to manoeuvre with less freight damage and easier to deliver as the individual elements allow for lift gate precision. Due to its well thought through design, the MBAC in addition allows for installation in rooms with restrictive door openings and provides a future-proof equipment cornerstone as elements can be updated as and when required (compressor size, number of storage cylinders and number of fill positions).

Modular Flexibility

The Mako Modular Breathing Air Center offers the flexibility to accommodate your exact requirements in proven technology with the integrated system including the Air Compressor, Storage Rack and Containment Fill Station, all enclosed within a uniquely designed envelope.

Select the following to fit your specific requirements:

  • Breathing Air Module Compressor with optional equipment
  • SCFS or SSCFS containment fill station with optional equipment
  • Vertical, in-line 4 bottle rack housing up to (4) UN or ASME cylinders
  • 50, 75 or 100 foot spring rewind hose reel (optional)