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Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors (30 – 132 kW)

ESM 30e-45e & 30-132 and VS 30-132 compressors

The ESM(e) / VS 30-132 series is specifically designed to meet the demands for continuous 24-hour use and absolute uptime, as required in critical industrial processes.

The perfect fit to maximise productivity

The range comprises of many different models, ranging from 30 up to 132kW, including variable speed options and the ability to recover the energy lost in heat from the compressor, with a heat recovery option.

Gardner Denver has unveiled its newest oil-lubricated compressors for its leading ESM / VS Series range, offering best-in-class efficiency.

Available in 90 kW, 110 kW and 132 kW units, the new compressors deliver efficiency improvements of up to 6 per cent when compared with previous models, plus a 7 per cent higher flow rate. The new compressors are available in both fixed and regulated speeds – which can help reduce a system’s total cost of ownership significantly – as well as air-cooled and water-cooled options.

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