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Control System Sequencers

GD Connect 12

Unique Compressed Air Management System for up to 12 compressors!

The GD Connect 12 is the first choice when looking to optimize an existing compressed air system. The pressure reductions are achieved as a result of the narrow pressure band control helping to considerably reduce power consumption both of small and larger compressed air systems.

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Huge Energy Savings in multicompressor stations

  • The GD Connect 12 can intelligently control up to 12 fixed speed or variable speed compressors.
  • Intelligently selecting the right combination of compressors
  • It reduces energy consumption by tightening the network pressure to the smallest possible band
  • PED, CE, CSA (US+Canada), CRN
  • Keeping off load running to the absolute minimum
  • Each 1 bar decrease potentially results in a 7% reduction in energy consumption and as much as 25% decrease in air leakage losses

All key information via easy-touse Touchscreen Display

A visual touchscreen, gives plant managers a comprehensive overview of the complete system, including downstream equipment to help improve the complete network performance. This can include information such as the status of the whole system or of each compressor connected, as well as network pressure, compressed air consumption and pressure range, all of which can be presented in graphs or tables. In addition, data can be transferred via removable SD card to a PC for further analysis and management reports.


Connection of various peripheral equipment (e.g. temperature sensors, flow meter, pressure dew point, operating state of dryers, airless drains, filters, etc).

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your complete compressed air installation via field bus. Features include warning indications, compressor shutdown warning and maintenance scheduling – easy connection to a PROFIBUS or ModBus-RTU network ensured.


Visualize your complete compressed air installation via LAN network. Any number of users can access the online visual display system via the Webserver Module without any loss in speed. The user can visualize selected data of a compressor system via PC which can also be viewed on the screen of the GD Connect 12. Email messaging ensures automatic notification of faults, warnings and statistics.

Advanced Microprocessor Technology

Safe and fast exchange of large amounts of data is ensured by large memory capacity using the latest microprocessor technology at the heart of the GD Connect 12.

  • Easy to install
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Simple to operate
  • Detailed management reports

Control Transparency

Unlike traditional control systems, crucial efficiency related parameters are visually displayed. This provides a transparent log of compressor station behaviour and its ongoing efficiency.

Intelligent “Self-Learning” Control

The GD Connect 12 control system is designed to continuously balance demand and supply, enabling the most efficient compressor combination to work at all times. A permanent consumption calculation ensures efficient operation of interconnected compressors at all times.