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Compressed Air Filters & Cyclone Separators

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Compressed Air Filters & Cyclone Seperators

Filters Flow upto (18.33 m3/min & above)

DF Standard / Plus / Superplus

The filters DF are intended for the processing of compressed air or other gases in different areas of applications. A bayonet fixing between filter head and filter bowl allows for the element to be removed together with filter bowl. Little installation height for the filter element exchange is required. Besides energy cost savings by the filter design, the use of the Economizer offers further saving achievements through timely replacement of the used filter elements. The most cost effective replacement time for the filter element is calculated and LEDs signal the necessity for a “filter exchange”. With 9 sizes IT covers the performance range from 35 to 1100 m³/h flow rate and hence conventional compressor capacities between 2 and 120 KW.

Three versions are available:

• Standard
(with Econometer and float drain)
• Plus
(with Economizer and float drain)
• Superplus
(Economizer with level-controlled condensate drain UFM-D)