Project Description

Buran Dryers

Flow From (9.17 m3/min – 27.5 m3/min)

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers for volume flows from 0550 to 1650 m³/h

The compressed air is being fed into the dryer and being pre-cooled in the air-to-air heat exchanger by the outgo- ing cold compressed air. The pre-cooled air then passes through the refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger where it is being cooled further down to the required pressure dew point. The moisture in the compressed air condenses out and gathers and discharges automatically. Finally, the cold discharged air is being reheated by the the incoming com- pressed air. This saves energy and prevents any moisture forming beyond the dryer in the compressed air system. The cooling capacity of the refrigeration cycle is being controlled by a microprocessor based controler to realize energy savings of up to 90 % and to assure the full dryer functionality for partial loads, too.

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