Project Description


Compressed air energy saver


Weekly time planner, offering you flexibility in selecting the open and closed cycles.
Remote control option, offering you the possibility to install the AIR-SAVER at a height.
Manual valve opening and closing possible, in case of a power failure.

  • No unnecessary compressor start-up during periods when compressed air is not required.
  • Just set it & forget it!
  • Compressor, dryer and filter activities are reduced during factory closing hours.
  • At least one air receiver’s worth of compressed air savings per day.
  • Possibility to shut of parts of the pipe line system where compressed air is not needed continuously.
  • Fully automatic and maintenance free design.
  • Battery saves the installation set-up during power failure.
  • Up to 230 PSI.
  • Slow valve opening to avoid hammer strike in pipe line system.
  • Time programmed or remote controlled.
  • Alkaline batteries protecting the program.
  • Micro-Processor controlled (multi cycle 7 day program).
  • Large LCD display showing program cycle and current time.
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