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Air Network Piping

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Eliminate wasted air and leaks
Our components in aluminium, technopolymer and HIP guarantee superior, above-average performance.
Modular design
Flexibility of use and greater adaptability to the specific usage requirements.
Expandability according to requirements
The system grows with the plant.
Easy, rapid installation
Reduction in labor costs and ease of change.
Optimum, constant performance
Constant energy savings


Fire behaviour
Self-extinguishing features, without flame propagation.

High system flexibility
Our products create complete distribution systems for compressed air. Easy future system changes on expansions and can be connected to existing systems.

C E compliance
All products meeting 97/23/EC directive.

Aircom offers a 10-year warranty against any defective material in fittings and aluminium pipes.
Our aluminium systems are an optimal solution to reduce installation time and suitable for hot gulf climates.
The only company that offers a complete range of systems differentiated by features and performance.
Two piping systems: Quick Line with aluminium pipes and fittings in diecast aluminium and in HR-Polymer.
Our systems stand out in terms of speed and ease of assembly and for their modular characteristics.

With Quick Line product line you can reduce installation time by about 45%.
Easy-mounting pipe assembly and direct connection fittings enables you to create your piping system in a few, steps.
Easy-Durability and corrosion resistance of our products provide you a long term, reliable system.
Design of shapes and materials grants extremely low pressure drops without air leakages, resulting energy savings.
AIRCOM’s technical, industrial and commercial activities are regulated by the corporate quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001 certified by the TÜV institute.
Quick Line system has obtained the T.S.S.A. (Technical Standards & Safety Authority) certification, too.