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Hydrovane Airends – perfect for custom solutions

Hydrovane manufacture an extensive range of Rotary Vane Air Ends. Due to the integrated, compact design they are ideal to be utilized in many OEM applications and are available as individual items.

It’s versatility makes it the first choice for a wide range of OEM applications and manufacturers. Snow blowing, railway and oil and gas industries, agricultural machinery to name but a few.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Direct drive, allows direct coupling to electric motors, hydraulic motors, petrol and diesel engines and PTO drives.
  • Compact design and light weight for ease of installation
  • Spin on filtration for easy maintenance. Better than 3ppm air quality
  • Simple white metal bushes for long airend life
  • HR airends suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Integral oil coolers

And if extra features are required for specific applications, Hydrovane can offer modifications to standard products. We call this Standard Plus.

Performance range

Air Ends up to 1.25 m³/min (44cfm):

Fully integrated with the only requirement being the drive media (i.e. an Electric Motor, Hydraulic Motor or potentially using a variety of different Engines).

Air Ends above 1.37 m³/min (40cfm) to 6.54 m³/min (231cfm):

These can be in either the horizontal or space-saving vertical format. Please note external cooling will be required which can be provided on request.

A complete pressure range is available from 7 bar (105 psi) up to 10 bar (150 psi).

Air ends available cover 1.1kW (1.5 hp) up to 45kW (60.3 hp).